GIS Mapping

The Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping aspect of the Living Machine

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The visual representation of the geographical locations for each living machine can help analyze the facilities in use. The characteristics of interest indicate only one “commercial” facility in use, where as “education” facilities make up the greatest portion of all facilities in use. The concentration of the facilities is also restricted to either the west or east coast with minimal facilities spread in between. The greatest concentration of “education” facilities occurs in the general northeast region of the continent, with a half dozen facilities within roughly a 250-mile radius of Washington, DC. The “public” facilities are minimal with only four identified across the country. The surprising observation is that two of those four are functioning within the state of Vermont: one in South Burlington, and one in Sharon.


The labels on the map can be identified within the table below to provide further information such as location, official designation, and a potential weblink.

Sample Sample Type Longitude Latitude Info
SFPUC PUB -122.41942 37.77493  San Francisco Public utilities Commision
PPH COM -122.681944 45.52 Port of Portland Headquarters, Portland, OR, USA
FU EDU -82.385556 34.844444 Furman University, Greenville, SC, USA.[
OTS EDU -81.633333 41.158056 Old Trail School, Bath, OH, USA[
VV PRV -80.058611 26.619722 Vive Verde EcoCentre, Lake Worth, FL[
EI EDU -121.625833 36.1075 Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA, USA
NGM EDU -79.819444 36.08 Northern Guilford Middle School, Guilford County Public Schools, Greensboro, N.C.[40]
EMSR PRV -105.576667 36.393889 El Monte Sagrado Resort, Taos, NM, USA
MDC PUB -94.578333 39.099722 Missouri Department of Conservation – Anita Gorman Discovery Center, Kansas City, MO, USA
OC EDU -82.218576 41.292929 Oberlin College, OH, USA
BC EDU -84.293611 37.576944 Berea College, Berea, KY, USA
SB PUB -73.181667 44.451944 South Burlington, VT, USA
SEC EDU -122.535 47.655278 slandwood Education Center – Bainbridge Island, WA:
AM PRV -124.082778 40.866389 Arcata Marsh, Arcata, CA, USA
CSS PRV -81.8 26.15 Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Naples, Fl, USA (
CCC EDU -123.821111 46.188889 Clatsop Community College – MERTS Campus, Astoria, OR, USA
PSU EDU -77.858611 40.791389 Penn State University, State College, PA, USA
OSU EDU -82.983333 39.983333 Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA – Dairy Wastewater Treatment
PAW PRV -85.388056 40.193333 PAWS, Inc., Muncie, IN, USA
DS EDU -73.443333 42.466667 Darrow School – New Lebanon, NY, USA (
SNRA PUB -72.443889 43.773611   Sharon I-89 Northbound Rest Area – Sharon, VT, USA
YMCA PRV -122.586389 47.326944 YMCA Camp Seymour Gig Harbor, WA USA